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Le Corbusier’s Saint-Pierre Firminy. Even the kids liked this space. Ronchamp tomorrow but we’ve realised we’re traveling the same route as Le Tour de France... could be win win or a disaster.

mnm_architectes La Tourette is also on your way to Ronchamp...

clarecousins 🙌🏻 Rob will be pleased 😉

pete_walker I have always loved this building but have never got to visit it😢 Ronchamp however is a delight!!

katejm Don’t panic! If there’s a crowd, walk through the meadows and go to the Pilgrim Centre til crowd dissipates

stuart_vokesandpeters win win 🚴🏻‍♂️💨

moorearchitecture Beautiful

justin.s.coetzee_ Ronchamp is exquisite

jellway Are you as good a singer as @jamesrussell__ ? 👨‍🎤

kalmeda @make_arch Firminy is great but Ron Champ captured me heart #corb!

Posted on 11/07/2019 21:18
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