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It hurts to say that this very low resolution preview image is all that’s left from possibly the most epic flight of my life while documenting the remote & harsh Island of Onekatan last night. Upon landing, gale force winds blew it off a huge cliff rendering our 3 hour rescue mission worthless. We called it off at midnight while @renan_ozturk @tedhesser & I hung from shallow tree roots with headlamps over 80ft cliffs leading to the volcanic lake below. Despite being only 30ft away from our precious memory cards from the expedition the risk wasn’t worth it. To add insult to injury the small thumbnail file was still visible on my phone so we can all appreciate this truly remote beauty. I’ve never cried from losing and image but last night I was pretty close. Onward & upward the journey continues... . @_ryanhill_ @taylorfreesolo @jtkerby @rishisugla @tomorrow_unlocked #fromkurilswithlove

roam You have the memories!

sohaelbody 👌👌👌

yifan_photo love it !!!!

alwaysresonate What an epic story. You will always have the memories in your mind and able to share them with those that shared the moments 😊 Not all memories are able to be shared with those that are not on the adventure 👊

ianlearobinson You need a little rescue drone to get it :) At least YOU have the memories. That's all that actually matters anyhow. Thanks for trying though.

taylorphinney Hell yeah that’s what it’s all about !!!

bitchinsauce Not bitchin’!!

vikingfrog So glad you chose safety...good job you guys have a steady head on you and realised it was not worth the risk. 😊👍🙏👏👏 This adventure and the sights you got the chance to experience will be with you forever. We are always grateful for what you share with us no matter how big it small. We are already spoiled, thank you😁💖🙏

joemagers What’s more beautiful is you understood it wasn’t worth the risk imo

ocassibdot When you were 30 feet away I’m picturing the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Connery has to say “Indiana...Indiana, let it go”. I feel for you guys but you live to document another day! This coming from someone who lost a memory card that had a photo of the year candidate. At the time I had to tell myself some moments were only meant to be appreciated and not documented. Hope that helps.

yacouu Lovely view

cassieyjo Crazy! But memories forever and stories to tell til you get old and I supposed the photos in your memory are all you need sometimes? 😍

tico_ty Perhaps it meant to be only seen, not shared

gauravksharma Image resolution is man made concept, the one which got etched in your memory would remain live, vivid forever. Stay safe out there ♥️♥️

elderdiaz Have u heard about "its better the story than the rad picture" quote? Well, this is exactly what that quote means! Hahahaha If this picture represents the only memory left, I bet the story of this trip its unbelievable.

olloclip Ironically, you will cherish that moment forever, the beauty and the heartache. It’s all worth it and nothing is a waste of time.

curtismorgan It’s one of those moments that transcends resolution. Happy for you.

slcski Memories > cards

paulnicklen A path of ultimate success paved by tears. Keep charging.

_hiking_az I’m guessing you lost a drone?

Posted on 11/07/2019 03:20
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