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ADOPTION PUPDATE: Zoey was rescued with her mom and siblings in Albama, and traveled to New York at @AnimalHaven as a puppy. She was swiftly adopted by a family, where she became the best friend, and biggest responsablity, of the 12-year-old daughter, Natalia. Natalia herself wrote this beautiful testimonial: “This is Willow and she is my incredibly beautiful little puppy. She is now 3 months old and she is massive. She basically has the same size paws as other full-grown dogs. It was definitely a hard/easy process adopting her. We had a lot of help from amazing people. The day we brought her home was spectacular. However, I don’t think she thought that it was spectacular. She was so nervous, but the next day she got the hang of things. The first thing we did when she came in the house was give her a bath. She was so funny and did not love the water. We thought we were the first people to give her a bath. We later learned it was Kevin Heart not us. My dog is so much more famous then I am. I love to share this story. One of my many jobs as an owner of a dog is to walk her. I always get so many nice compliments about her unique spots. My dad told me to tell people ”she is half Pit Bull and half Leopard.” Even though she has some Pit in her, she is so sweet and friendly. People should not be scared of her because she has a breed that is tougher then other breeds. Willow is the best thing that ever happened to my family. She has thought us how to be responsible pet owners. My family likes to spoil and cuddle with her. She loves to roll over and give us her belly to rub. She sleeps a ton on her back and snores super loud. She is just adorable and perfect for our family. Thank you Willow for being the best puppy ever!” . . #PitBullFlowerPower #PitBullFlowerPowerADOPTED #adoptdontshop #pitbulladvocate #photographysaveslives #sophiegamand #shelterdog #puppy #cutepuppy #merle

airchickee I think there may have been a mistake in her breed identification. She looks part 🦄 to me. Gorgeous puppy and glad she found a loving home!

vigil87506 Is there a bit of Catahoola in her?

jacksonlove_designs “Even though she has some pit in her, she is so sweet and friendly...”🙁 I think this sweet little girl needs some education so she can advocate for her beautiful dog😓

maikonezu She looks like a purebred Catahoula. They are strong and independent.

itsbliff I love the dignity you allow this special breed to have💟

157ofgemma So sweet!!! She clearly found an awesome famil ❤️❤️❤️❤️

martuska_per How beautiful 🖤

therealgwynnevere Just beautiful!!

danarules A lovely tribute to a perfect pup!💜🐶

dirrtypawz I have a pit/leopard hound mix and he is THE MOST loyal loving silly boy ever! She is going to have a wonderful dog by her side!! 🤗🥰

tanaphotography Awe!!!♥️

maryanneembury Oh my! Tears in my eyes🙏🏻😍💕

kafi1963 OMG she is Soooo beautiful 💕

pamelajimenezdesign Lovely. 💕

purplcloud ❤️

milodogsandcats She is beautiful!!! 💕

kaye_sheila Awesome glad you found each other

jackiedombie Omg staaaahhhhp adorable

necaandkali ❤️

tdunb How wonderful

Posted on 08/07/2019 14:28
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